Minneapolis Youth Sports Association
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Minneapolis Youth Sports Association

Minneapolis Youth Sports Association

Minneapolis Youth Sports Association (MYSA) will be guided by the principle belief that all Minneapolis youth deserve equitable access to quality coaching, equipment and facilities regardless of participants’ skills, geography or income.

All Minneapolis youth should have the opportunity to play on fields and in arenas that promote pride and athletic growth as a means of facilitating life lessons through education, athletic competition and teamwork. 

Goal: To align, coordinate and maximize strategies for providing high quality sports development programs for Minneapolis kids. 

The Association shall make recommendations for establishing systemic improvements to include: sports offerings, league organization, registration, fees, transportation, and facility supervision, maintenance and improvements.  Furthermore, the Association will recommend guidelines for recruitment, training and certification of coaches, officials, volunteers and sponsors.

The association will be comprised of the following volunteers:

  • 2 MSP Athletic Directors
  • 2 MPRB Athletic Directors

and up to 18 Minneapolis residents representative of mix of genders, cultures, languages and athletic abilities to include:

  • 12 sports representatives,
  • 2 Minneapolis parents,
  • 2 high school competitive sport participants, and
  • 2 representatives of adaptive sports.