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North and South High athletic fields
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North and South High athletic fields
North and South High athletic fields

In 2015, the Minneapolis Public Schools Athletics Department developed a five-year strategic plan for programs and facilities. The strategic plan outlined multiple goals that support improving the quality of athletic facilities, as well as expanding the use of athletic facilities by all student groups and our community as a whole.

The first phase of improving the athletic facilities was to develop community fitness centers at each high school. This has been completed. In previous years, the district has used funds from Hennepin County Youth Sports Program grants to help fund the fitness center upgrades.

The second phase of upgrading Minneapolis Public Schools’ athletic facilities is to bring our fields to top-of-the-line standards, which we believe will be accomplished by upgrading turf at each high school.

Hennepin County Youth Sports Program

In our initiative to upgrade turf at North High School and South High School, we have applied for Hennepin County Youth Sports Program grants. The district completed an assessment of all of its high school athletic fields, and both North and South surfaced as having the highest needs.

The Minneapolis Board of Education approved on Nov. 15 the submission of applications for the grants to support projects at both high schools, and the applications have been submitted.

MPS will be notified in late December 2016 whether or not we have been awarded these grants.