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Athletics in Education
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The Role of Athletics in Education

The Role of Athletics in Education
Athletics in Education

Athletics is an integral part of the curriculum in secondary schools. Education in the public schools has a multiple responsibility which, in Minneapolis, has been stated as follows:

Objectives of Education

  • To develop and maintain good physical and good mental health.
  • To achieve command of the fundamental skills and knowledge that is basic to all other learning.
  • To learn to receive and to express ideas effectively.
  • To gain an understanding of our constitutional form of government and knowledge of the history of our United States and of the part which the United States plays in work affairs to accept the obligations of good citizenship.
  • To understand the scientific approach to the problems of life, recognizing the need for conservation of human and natural resources and the contributions made by science to the world in which we live.
  • To acquire saleable skills in a field of choice which will enable a person to take a place in the economic world.
  • To become an intelligent consumer of material goods, cultural products and services.
  • The total program of the school must consider the total development of each pupil.  In the schools, which serve all the children of all the people, we find young men and women of widely varied backgrounds, abilities, and needs.  The task of the school is to meet as effectively as possible the needs and interests of all these pupils.

Athletics directly contributes to the multiple responsibilities which education has to society and the individual.  Through rugged competition, which is an integral part of our democracy, competitive athletics provides REAL LIFE experience in skillfully performing under pressure, respecting opponents, accepting the results determined by officials, and playing the game according to the rules.  So much can be done for preserving and extending democracy, building human resources, developing physical and emotional stability and acquiring a respect for our fellow human beings in the field of Athletics.