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Football is an American creation which evolved from two other sports, association football (what Americans call soccer) and rugby.  The first game of American Football was played on November 6, 1869.  However, there were no formal rules of the game until 1880 when Walter Camp first wrote them down.  He established the “snap,” 11-player teams, and “downs.”

In Minneapolis, football is the oldest sport played, with its first season being in 1891-92 school year.  The old Minneapolis Central and Minneapolis East high schools were the first schools to field a team in the 1891-92 school year.

Also, it is important to understand that rules have changed, especially in scoring.  Today, if a final score was 5-0, we would probably assume the score was a field goal and safety.  However, in the early days, a touchdown counted for five points. So there were some interesting scores in the early years of Tiger football.


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