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Men’s Gymnastics Overview

As a sport, gymnastics can trace its roots to ancient Greece, where it was used to train soldiers for war.  At the time, gymnastics was limited to males.  Gymnastics for females began in the 1920’s.  Women first competed in the Olympics in 1928.  The current list of events used in gymnastics was standardized by 1954.  Today, women’s gymnastics is more popular than men’s gymnastics.

Men’s gymnastics began in the 1924-1925 school year.  It was called "Apparatus." Also, by the 1940's, each team divided their squad based on ability level.  All levels competed for State Championships.

The sport began to dwindle in interest in the late 1960's and continued through the 1970;s, with the last season of Men's Gymnastics being in the 1977-1978 school year.


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