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Mission and Vision Statement
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Mission and Vision Statements

Mission and Vision Statements

Mission Statement:

To Excel in Creating Excellent Athletic Opportunities for Students 

  • Participate in sports to improve athletic knowledge and skills;
  • Spend quality out-of-school time with supportive, mentoring adults;
  • Gain a better understanding of the diverse world in which we live and the unique cultural differences of its population;
  • Learn how to relate to, and respond to, situations and individuals from a variety of backgrounds;
  • Reflect principles of hard work, integrity, motivation, perseverance and excellence; and
  • Develop habits for a lifetime of physical activity, good health and wellness.

Vision Statement:

Balance student participation with the opportunity for athletes to compete at the highest level.

  • Tiered levels of competition
  • A first class infrastructure
  • Equitable allocation of resources
  • Increases community engagement
  • Promotes school pride
Washburn Golf Team
Washburn Golf Team